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Very Easy Logic Problems
a man in a cave

Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:18 pm  by cjmac

theres a man in a cave, staring at a blank wall. behind him is a large fire. all the sudden the man exclaims "i see a book." without turning around, what is he talking about?
Sat May 11, 2013 4:13 am  by pi

he is archeologist :D :D
Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:27 pm  by persionguitar

He must be drunk..... :lol:
Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:43 am  by Pollyn

Because the large fire is in his back, he can see the shadow in the blank wall..... :oops:
Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:27 am  by ashta27

Maybe he's reading signs in a cave. Like hieroglyphs. I know this is an answer with a weak logic but this what came to my mind. :?
Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:46 am  by planless

Wed Jul 30, 2014 6:31 am  by Shubh

He is an archaeologist cum historian. While studying the cave walls, he foresees that he could write a book on his studies on caves & cave-arts!
So he exclaims thinking about the book he would be publishing in near future!!
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