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Lateral Thinking - Fanciful

Thu May 31, 2018 9:11 pm  by tortle

Shankie the shark is driving to the park one day when he sees a smokin’ hot rat terrier crossing the crosswalk. Shankie forgets to stop and plows directly through the rat terrier, its smokin’ hotness now splattered all over the windows. Shankie is unfazed. He’s already used to the life he leads.

A couple days later, Shankie is sitting in his living room when the door is busted down by a gang of vicious police officers. They try to arrest Shankie (but Shankie knows this a trick meant to assassinate him in order to silence his radical socioeconomic views). Shankie shanks the first police officer then the second, then the third and the fourth. When it comes to the fifth, Shankie shanks him too. Now there are no more assassins.

Shankie packs up and goes to live in a different town, hoping the assassins won’t follow him.

But they do.

The police come one night and arrest Shankie before he has the chance to grab his shiv from under his pillow. Now Shankie stands trial for his shankings. A broke lawyer wants to defend Shankie, but Shankie is a shark and the law forbids lawyers to defend sharks.

Is Shankie the victim here?
Or has the social justice system failed?
Is this gas lighting?
Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:56 am  by tertle

Shankie had a twin brother and that was one who ran over that hot rat. In truth, Shankie is innocent but his evil twin brother shanked people to put Shankie on the criminal list. From a young age Shankoi, the twin brother, was seen badly by other people and he was seen as the mistake of the family. He was known as the one who would never inherit the family heirloom named the Heart of the Sea (as seen on Titanic). So Shankoi did this to put Shankie out of the way of his destiny.
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