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Lateral Thinking - Fanciful
Don t look for us. There isn t time to waste. Remember

Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:27 pm  by tartle

Don t look for us. There isn t time to waste. Remember: Tanya, Siobhan, Amun, Alirtair, all the nomads you can find. We ll seek out Peter and Charlotte on our way. We re so sorry that we have to leave you this way, with no goodbyes or explanations. It s the only way for us. We love you. This was the letter written by Alice. The above letter has been picked up from a very endearing novel of the recent times. The author of this book has written many more wonderful novels that all his/her fans love to keep reading.

Here we pen down another phrase from another very famous novel by the author who wrote the above book.

I know what they will realize when they return, the monsters who look like a nice couple in their early fifties. They will know exactly what i am, and the search will begin at once. I need to be far away. I really hope they are going out for a night on the town. I think it s Friday. They keep our habits so perfectly; it s hard to see any difference, which is how they won in the first place.

The blinds are open. The starlight is enough to see that the rooms are empty of movement. This couple goes for a Spartan look, and i m grateful. It makes it harder for someone to hide. Of course, that leaves no place for me to hide either, but if it comes to hiding for me, it s too late anyway.

Club first part of one book with last part of other and there is your answer!

Clue: Answer has a space!
Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:58 pm  by sarveshsc

Dear tartle,
i didnt exactly get the meaning of this one.What exactly is the question to answer?the first letter is from the book breaking dawn,but would you please explain what one is supposed to answer?
Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:46 pm  by pollpo

Don't look for us it's too late anyway?
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