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Difficult Logic Problems
in a far away land, it was known that if you drank poison

Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:24 pm  by tartle

in a far away land, it was known that if you drank poison, the only way to save yourself is to drink a stronger poison, which neutralizes the weaker poison. the king called a logician an a chemist to make the strongest poison for him. the logician went straight to work, but the chemist knew that he had no chance, for the logician was wiser than him, so instead he made up a plan to survive and make sure the logician dies. on the last day the logician suddenly realized that the chemist would know he had no chance, so he must have a plan. after a little thought the logician realized what was the chemist's plan must be, and he conducted a counter plan , to make sure he survives and the chemist die. when the time came, the king summoned both of them. they drank the poison as planned, the chemist died, the logician survived and the king got what he wanted.
what exactly happen
Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:15 pm  by nomad

The chemist made the strongest poison available till time.And he had to drink it to prove it.So he died.
But the logician made a weaker poison and drank it himselves.and to save his life he again took the poison prepared by the chemist and thats how he saved himselves
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