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Easy Logic Problems
The Island of Baal Of all the islands of knights and knave

Sat Nov 21, 2009 6:53 am  by tartle

The Island of Baal
Of all the islands of knights and knaves, the island of Baal is the weirdest and most remarkable. This island is inhabited exclusively by humans and monkeys. The monkey, as well as every human, is either a kngith or a knave.
In the dead center of this islands stands the Temple of Baal, one of the most remarkable temples in the entire universe. The high priests are metaphysicians, and in the Inner Sanctum of the temple can be found a priest who is rumored to know the answer to the ultimate mystery of the universe; why there is something instead of nothing.
Aspirants to the Sacred Knowledge are allowed to visit the Inner Sanctum, provided that they prove themselves worthy by passing three series of tests. I learned all these secrets, incidentally, by stealth: I had to enter the temple disguised as a monkey. I did this at great personal risk. Had I been caught, the penalty would have been unimaginable. Instead of merely annihilating me, the priests would have changed the very laws of the universe in such a way that I could never have been born!
Well, a philosopher who was searching for the answer to the question, Wy is there something rather than nothing?" arrived on the island of Baal and agreed to try the tests. The first series took place on three consecutive days in a huge room called the Outer Sanctum. In the center of the rrom a cowled figure was seated on a golden throne. He was either a human or a monkey, and also a knight or a knave. He uttered a sacred sentence, and from this sentence the philosopher had to deduce exactly what he was whether a knight or a knave, and whether a human or a monkey.
The First Test
The speaker said, "I am either a knave or a monkey." Exactly what is he?
The Second Test
The speaker said, "I am a knave and a monkey." Exactly what is he?
The Thrird Test
The speaker said, "I am not both a monkey and a knight." What is he?
Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:31 pm  by rj82330

First Test: Can never be false - or else it becomes contradictory. So it has to be true, so the speaker cannot be a knave.


Second Test: Can never be true, since the speaker would then be a knave and a liar. So it must be false, in which can the speaker must be a knave, but not a monkey


Third Test: Can never be false, since the speaker would become a lying knight. So it must be true. In this case, the speaker must be a knight, so cannot be a monkey.

Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:23 am  by s.b.

it would have reeli helped if ud just mentioned that knaves always lie and knights are always truthful...maybe its obvious to u but to amateurs lyk me it would really help.....thanks! :)
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